If I were a value meal, i would just be regular. No upsized drinks or fries. No extra cheese or bacon or patty, whatever. However, I am not a value meal but wait, that’s not the point.

What I really wanted to say is that, I’m just a regular girl – a regular girl who dreams of chocolates, flowers and a date on valentines. There.

So, yesterday, I dreamed again. With a particular person in mind, yes. Dreamed of him coming up with something creative to celebrate and maybe, to finally tell me that he’s no longer confused and is finally sure of where he wants our relationship to go. I dreamed of flowers and chocolate cupcakes and a decent dinner. I dreamed of a valentines date with a guy.

But well, i ended up just dreaming.

Apparently, valentines for him equated to learning how to make hair look good on television and coming home to his chow chow. GREAT.

Now, regular girl goes back to dreaming.


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