The past months were salad bowls of emotions with an awesome dressing that made it possible to take them all in.

Forgive the description but I guess that’s the closest I can come up with. And so, I did it. I finally left my job at Unitel after months of praying and reflecting. It was a frightening decision especially with my bank account being empty and seeming absence of plans. But God just made me do it. It all started with that one decision, that one “Yes Lord. I’m going to do it.” and the rest, He just took care of.

I was about to leave for a quick vacation to Singapore last November when I had that strong resolve to resign. I already had a date in mind as to when I’ll discuss it with my boss but I moved it since my boss was off to a rather exciting fanboy experience that day and I didn’t want to be such a pooper. God had a different plan though. On the day that I originally planned to talk to him, my boss invited me for a short talk. Having a bit of a hint, I found myself sitting in the conference room with him. He started discussing their plans for me in the company – telling me of an upcoming promotion and salary increase. I let him finish first then surprised him and myself, when I said that as much as I appreciate their plans, I am decided to resign already;  that it’s no longer about the promotion and the salary increase, that my heart just doesn’t have peace anymore. The  discussion went on for a bit more and then eventually ended with us both in tears and my boss telling me that I was the last person he wished to go. You see, I only prayed for confidence to be able to tell him and the strength to be not persuaded to stay, but God gave me more than that. And that can only be Grace. Only His Grace.

When I got back from Singapore, I have been invited to talk to the President and the CFO of the company. Both of them I dreaded and both of them turned out extremely well. The CFO even offered to refer me if she learns of an opening. Yet again, Grace.

Days after my resignation has been approved, I have been invited for a job interview at Mister Donut through the referral of a dear friend. It has been followed by an invitation from another company, Bayani Brew, through my sister. Nearing the Christmas break, I had the chance to have post-dinner coffee with my good friend, Anne and she told me that she was looking for a person who have experience in process documentation and flowcharting. Apparently, she saw the photo of a flowchart I did and she got interested. I told him about what I used to do at IBM. How apart from my main process, we are required to maintain and update process docs.

By start of the year, I got a call from her company, Tanduay, and got invited for an interview and an exam. Around that time, I didn’t  hear from Mister Donut again and I couldn’t really find myself at peace with the work at Bayani Brew. So there I was at Tanduay waiting for the interview and exam to start. I felt extra nervous because I was applying for a position in the finance department. FINANCE and I’m a broadcast major. I know nothing about finance. My process documentation experience was for HR. I’ve been in advertising for quite a while. I was already hearing in my head the questions that the interviewer would throw at me and it surely didn’t help calm my nerves. I was asked to take the exams first and then I was escorted to the HR Manager who I thought of as strict and stiff until she winked at me while she was in the middle of a phone call. She started the interview by asking what year I graduated from UP. Apparently she was also a graduate of the same University. She started talking casually, sharing stories  that it didn’t feel like an interview at all. The questions were very basic and I found her saying that she doesn’t believe that a person should be limited by the degree she finished; that as long as a person is willing to learn and explore, she can be anywhere, doing anything. And as an applicant whose undergrad course was far far off from finance, all I can say, was “Exactly!” GRACE ONCE MORE.

The interview that followed was that with my friend Anne, who will be my direct supervisor if ever. She talked about the kind of work she wanted done and we discussed other things like salary. She commented at my ideal salary with “Eto lang?” and I thought I was already asking for too much. The interview ended with her telling me that she would already recommend me for the position. She even asked my to pray with her for the CFO and COO’s approval. How awesome is it to have a boss like that? On the other hand, I called Bayani Brew and told them that I would no longer pursue my application. There was just so much peace in my heart after those interviews with Tanduay that I found myself praying for me to get the job. When I started job hunting, I prayed for God to allow for the only open door to be the one that He opens. And so I believed that If I get turned down by Tanduay, God didn’t want it for me and If I get in, it is where He leads me.

After almost a week, Anne told me that my papers got approved. I was delighted. My heart was happy.I knew it was God’s appointment since I couldn’t really recount anything that I have done to get the job. It’s as if the job was just served to me on a plate. Grace it only is.

Just as my excitement shoot up, sadness was quick to shoot it down. After knowing what company will welcome me, it was time to deal with the goodbye which I was never good at. If it was a part I could just escape, I would. I’d just be gone one day without a word. But God reminded me that it wasn’t the right thing to do. He wanted me to leave in peace. Before I left, I made sure that I turned over every task and shared everything that I know with the person who’d replace me. I made every remaining work day fun and productive. I tried to make more memories with the people there until the last day. On my last day, I sent a thank you and farewell email to the people from production and I was just overwhelmed at some of the responses. I never imagined them tearing up for me or appreciating me or seeing me as just someone they could bully. It felt bad that I also misjudged them but I’m just so grateful that despite the moments where I’ve also snapped at them, God has allowed them to still see Him through me. My colleagues at ER, on the other hand, decided to throw a despedida for me at Red Box. I remember waking up that day and reminding myself, “normal day. normal day.” But a normal day, it wasn’t. It was time to leave all the familiarity behind and at the same time, thank the people who I have worked with for the past 2 years and 10 months. The tightest hugs I ever had, I had that night. Goodbyes are never easy but God graciously saw me through it.

The same day, I also got welcomed by the SVP-CFO of Tanduay which according to Anne is surprising because I’m not the CFO’s direct report. She can only think of it as another favor from the Lord. Really, God’s on a roll. It’s just grace after grace after grace. If this new job isn’t a blessing, I do not know what else it is.

Tomorrow, I start on a new adventure in the corporate world and I can only be confident of one thing, that the Lord’s grace will continue to abound, that it will be sufficient.The Lord is good. He is extremely good.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest on me. -2 Corinthians 12:9


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