Day 6

ImageI felt as if I only brisked through some books so I decided to read the bible from page 1 again.

Last night, I began with the beginning, Genesis Chapter 1, and these questions popped in my head: Why did God put man on earth only on the 6th day? Why not earlier so he can watch Him create?

And just as if I was having a conversation over coffee with God, responses to my questions flew in swiftly. If God had put man on earth on the 1st day, there would be light but the earth would be bare. If on the 2nd day, the sky and water would be there but there would be no food. If on the 3rd day, there would be plants but no light in the night sky. If on the 4th day, the sun, moon and stars would be there but none will be flying or swimming. If on the 5th day, there would be fish and birds but none walking and moving with man on land.

On the 6th day, God created living creatures on land and soon after, formed and sent man. You see, God chose to bring man there when everything else was already in it. He brought man when the earth was complete, when the earth was full. God used the 5 whole days for Him to prepare man and to prepare man’s paradise.

Today, God may have promised you paradise but you are not quite there yet. You’ve been waiting for days, months and years and you feel like you couldn’t really watch God because you don’t actually see Him do anything. Worry not. Discouraged, don’t you be.

God is working. Maybe He doesn’t want you watching because He wants you to be in total awe when He brings you there. He is preparing you. He is preparing your paradise. Be patient and give Him His 5 whole days (the equivalent of that to our days, I can’t really say) . God promised you paradise, not just any place. He takes His time because He wants to give you the best.


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