Art Year.

This year, I vowed to make more art and I’ve been focusing on hand lettering recently. I’m obviously no pro. I’m still learning; and my boyfriend being a Visual Effects Artist (slash writer slash Cartoonist slash all around creative guy) has been outright supportive. For the longest time, he’s been urging me to learn Adobe Illustrator but never really got to try it out until last night; And gaaaah awesome schmawesome! Everything was just cleaner and easier there!

Anyway, that image you see above is some sort of collaboration between him and me. So that’s basically, my handwriting digitized, colored and textured in Illustrator and Photoshop (home is just where the heart is!) For a first, I’m quite happy.

Let me just close by saying, I am blessed to have a boyfriend who, well, appreciates my art (I actually still cringe at the idea of calling it art but he says I should claim it) and encourages me to create more. For some reason, I was swept off my feet as he detailed last night what he observes as my design style. For a person like me who’s not always good at figuring out things, hearing it was a loving confirmation and a definite confidence booster.

So there, here’s to more art and confidence this 2014!

Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. -1 Timothy 4:14


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