2013 things.

I’m still pretty bothered about what happened last night but don’t worry, I won’t give you another word-heavy post on that today.

I thought I haven’t really posted about some of the crafty, DIY things I do so let me share with you a sort of rundown of the things I did in 2013. Fingers crossed,  I don’t bore you.


1. I made paper flowers and paper curtains for a luau party.

2. I washified my planner, the toothpicks for my beef wrap and other things that I do not have a photo of.

3. I cut shirts and jeans, sharpied on and dyed them.

4. I made my own YAKULT ice popsicle.


5. I did some paper cutting.

6. Lastly, I designed a booth and handicrafts for LBR Philcrafts for their Manila FAME exhibit.

So there, short and sweet. I hope you’re not yawning! 🙂


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