Friends and Board Games

Normal at any relationship (I think), my boyfriend and I have different sets of friends.

We both went to UP Diliman for college and we had this small circle of 2 boys and 2 girls at the College of Mass Communication. Outside of that circle, I had friends from the International Club, sisters from the sorority and brothers from our counter frat. Caleb, on the other hand, had friends from his Christian organization.

Within our small circle, we bonded mostly over video prods, radio prods, photo shoots, script writing and library food. Outside of it, I had relationships built from slumber parties, loud parties, TBAs, initiations, events, etc. Caleb, meanwhile, had his built from fellowship, study of the word and evangelism.

In short, our tiny circle is but an intersection in the rorie-caleb Venn diagram. We were two different people beyond it.

After college, obviously there’s work. Separately, we made new friends. By God’s grace, I met friends just like the ones he had in college and somehow, God narrowed down our differences through that. For a bit of background, you may want to read here Since I was based in Makati and Caleb works in Makati also, it wasn’t that difficult for him to get acquainted with my friends. However, since Caleb lived in QC and most of his friends were there, I never really got the chance to get to know them. I occasionally bumped into and said hello to some of them but apart from that, no connection whatsoever. Caleb, for the longest time, has been wanting to take me out with them but because of his crazy schedule at work, it just won’t happen. Add to that, the times when I made excuses not to meet them because of my insecurities and my guilt from before. I was a bit selfish then so, maybe you can just read between the lines.

Fast forward to last Sunday: After a year and 6 months with the wonderful Caleb, I finally got to spend time with his friends. Long overdue but I’m just so thankful, that it finally happened. “An item ticked off the list” as Caleb dubs it.

It was refreshing. It felt really nice to be able to step into an area of his life that I haven’t been to yet. It felt really nice to be able to see him enjoy the company of other people too. He hasn’t seen these people in a while and so his eyes, I noticed, were just beaming with joy. And that moment, I thought, “So, this is how it is to share lives.” That thought, that feeling was like a validation that somehow we’ve matured in our relationship. Gone are the days when it was just us enjoying the “intersection” and wanting to remain there.  You see, in a Venn diagram, the intersection is but a part of the union. The things outside are the other parts. 🙂


As a bonus, Caleb and I were able to enjoy this awesome place at Tomas Morato with his friends. It’s called Ludo: Board game Bar & Cafe. They serve good food and they let you play. They have this huge collection of board games; most of which I have no idea of. But even so, the owners are so hands-on that they would patiently and enthusiastically explain the rules of a stranger board game.

It was May the 4th so they had these chocolates as freebies. Photo from RG Guillermo.

I got to play Timeline with some of the girls. If you love history or if you’re just really, really good at guessing, I think you’ll love it. I watched the boys play Cards Against Humanity, a game where the wittiest wins. I laughed so hard; there was a riot in my tummy.

After that, we played Shadows over Camelot, which I think is the kind of game I was long preparing myself for. You see, I have a NERD for a boyfriend. And as they say, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

My nose was ready to bleed. It was a board game and we will play it by going on quests to get white swords and defend the kingdom!Oh yay! Quests! White swords! Kingdoms! WHAAAAT? The only quest I know is the quest to become the greatest capitalist of all in Monopoly! I was silently contesting, silently wishing they weren’t all too persuasive. But heck, no way out so bring it!

Photo from Jasper Poso
Photo from Jasper Poso

8 white swords. The traitor didn’t succeed so, WE WON! Surprisingly, I enjoyed and nope, I finished without a drop of blood from my nose. If some sort of nerd indoctrination happened that night, I can say it was successful because I look forward to playing again.

So there, Sunday Funday! I feel very blessed, I only have the Lord to thank!


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