Friday Favorites 01 | Design Inspirations

Inspiration is everywhere and I believe a chunk of them is found on the world wide web. No wonder most of us can sit down for hours in front of our computers!

Today, I’m sharing five of my favorite go-to sites for inspiration on hand lettering/calligraphy/design. If I can just be half as talented as these people, I would be utterly happy.

Believe me when I say they’re incredible! Come, let me show you.


1. Mary Kate McDevitt Blog

Mary Kate McDevitt is a genius! She’s a New York-based Hand Letterer and Illustrator and has her works seen on billboards and magazines already. She also has a book called the Hand Lettering Ledger which is the first and only book on Hand Lettering that I have. She’s also the creative brain behind the Carpe Diem Journal and the Big Ideas Notepad.


2. Daily Dishonesty

I love the hand lettering. I enjoy the sarcasm.

Lauren Hom beautifully translates into art what she calls “the little lies we tell ourselves”.


3. Cocorrina

Corina Nika is a designer based in Greece. She studied Interior Design but pursued her dream to become  a Graphic Designer. Talk about inspirational.

Her taste is impeccable! You’ll definitely agree with me when you see her breathtaking works. I bet you won’t help but use one of her free wallpapers.


4. Hannah Rose Beasley

Hannah Rose Beasley is yet another inspiration – one that I can say I have a major affinity to. In her site, she shares:

I am a believer in Jesus and want to serve Him. Art has always been a part of my life, whether it’s been drawing, photography, or hand lettering. Three years ago it all came together when I started designing simple blogs with nothing but Gimp, my browser, and a very small amount of knowledge; and I have gone on to have the pleasure of working with many people on websites, blogs, logos, and more. My goal in my design is to be always learning and growing in my skills, to make myself better as a designer, blogger, and friend.

When I grow up (metaphorically), I want to be like her!


5. Life After Breakfast

Philippines, represent!

Alessandra Lanot is an artist/graphic designer/restaurateur. You’ll find a lot of calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor art and crafts on her blog. She also hosts workshops on them which she fondly calls “CRAFTERNOONS”. I hope to attend one soon!

I can say that I like her watercolor works the most. See the wedding invitation above? DIVIIINE! I can imagine one for my own in the future. 🙂


So, there goes my five. Are you inspired yet?


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 01 | Design Inspirations

  1. Lovely post!

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  2. First, thanks so much for stopping by my new blog. It’s confirmation from the Lord that at least I hearing Him! I love your tag-line, “Christianity and Creativity” There is not a lot of people who realize that they go hand in hand! I know this article is a month old, but it caught my eye and I love what you stated in the beginning, “Inspiration is everywhere . . . ” That is so true and I believe that is why the Lord has led me your way. It doesn’t matter how long we have been in service to the Lord and His children, we never, ever stop needing inspiration and encouragement. It has always surprised me where the Holy Spirit leads me for that inspiration! I’m glad the Holy Spirit led me your way and I look forward to making time and checking out more articles!
    God bless you richly in YOUR endeavor to serve (minister) to the Lord and to all of us in this digital arena!

    1. Thank you very much for your appreciation and encouragement! It is amazing how God uses things like this for His people to get to know Him more.

      Likewise, I look forward to more articles from you and may God’s grace abound in you as you desire to glorify Him with the works of your hands.

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