Friday Favorites 04 | Boho Stuff

Okay, so let me try to get back to regular programming. Since today’s a Friday, I’m sharing with you another set of personal favorites.

People who know me well or have been around me for long know of my inclination to boho/hippie stuff. Tassels, prints, pops of color, and weaves truly, truly make my heart happy; and in terms of these things being available locally, I do not have a problem. The Philippines being composed of several ethnic and non-ethnic groups whose artisan skills are just superb, we boast of textile and handicrafts that will make every free spirit’s heart go ‘thump, thump’.

To prove that point, here are four local stores that offer quality products that basically make up 1/2 of my current wishlist.

1. Django Leather Arts & Crafts

When it comes to leather articles, Django says, “The sky’s the limit!”. Bags, sandals, shoes, hand cuffs, book covers—name it; they’ll make it RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU. Yes! While you can always choose from their products on display, they can customize stuff for you on the spot. Now, slurp that awesome sauce!

My eyes are totally on this pair:

2. Yakang Yaka Barter

Where do I begin? Prints on shoes, accessories, yoga mat bags, etc.! Yakang yaka uses Yakan-woven textile in all of their products. I am amazed at how this particular business promotes Philippine artistry and at the same time provide a means of livelihood for the Yakans, an ethnic group living in the Mindanao Region.

Excuse me but I want these badly:

3. Artickles PH

Arm party, you say? Artickles PH will give you a party like no other: weaves, beads, tassels, and charms all together! I cannot begin to explain how sweet they look together.

I wish to see these around my arms:

4. Wear Soul Flower

Theirs are products that instantly take you to the sea or to a meadow running free. I am in love with them! I kid you not, you will be too!

Someone buy me this:

I’ve used a lot of exclamation points in this post. Haha. Says a lot about my feelings for these things! So there, hope you enjoyed today’s favorites!


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