Paleo Day 7

My newly engaged sister just got back from her week-long Singapore-Malaysia trip. As a homecoming treat, she brought back a box of my favorite elusive-in-the-Philippines Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies.

Haven’t I gone Paleo, I would have jumped up and down gleefully at the sight of it. But like an ex-lover, I reacted quite densely. Of course, I am joyed with the sentiment that came with it but not with the sugar, gluten, and dairy that were in the package. I was partly proud of, partly weirded out by my reaction to it. Deep down my gut, I know I love it; but after all the Paleo research that I’ve done, I think knowing the fact that it is not that good for my body controlled my usual enticement.

Pardon the analogy but I can’t help but compare it to the temptations defined in the bible. Since we are originally people of the flesh, we love a lot of these things. But as we become enlightened, as our eyes become opened, we begin to realize the harm that they are to inflict on us and we develop a distaste for them. This is something to be grateful for really, cause while the ultimate purpose of this mindset and lifestyle change is the glory of God, the protection that it gives us is undeniable too. Just like how having open meals in paleo has consequences like returning cravings, indulging in temptations also has its repercussions.

So, curious if I dug in the box and took a bite?

I didn’t.  I enjoyed my zucchini spaghetti instead.


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