My sister’s phone almost got snatched yesterday. She was on her way to the office when the passenger jeepney that she was in made a stop. She was trying to send a message to someone at work when a hand from outside the window grabbed her phone. Fortunately, my sister was quick on her toes. She held on to her phone as tight as she could, pulled down and then forward. It must be the years of strength training that she had and really, just God’s awesome protection that spared her from harm and from loss. The robber gave up and just let go. Shocked and shaken with what happened, she yearned for even a little sympathy—a simple “Are you okay?” to at least console her. But none of the other passengers of what she described as a jam-packed jeepney cared to help; none cared to say a word. They just stared at her like movie-goers waiting for the end credits to roll.

She wanted to burst and I wanted too when I heard her story. Since when did people become so apathetic? You see a fellow human being wronged and distressed, and you just sit there watching? But, you can watch a movie and allow its sappiness to get to you? Seriously, since when did sympathy and empathy become only existent in the realm of make-believe?

So, my sister didn’t die, and she only had sore muscles after but do these disqualify her from a little caring? This really saddens me. “Every man for himself” has just gotten real.

Just so we remember…

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34


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