Thank God for Talents

I’ve been trying to self-learn watercolor painting recently. My works are far from great so far; but they are good enough to amaze me. Why? It’s because I never really thought I could do it and so, each nicely done stroke makes me giddy.

“Am I really the one doing this?” I’ve asked that quite a lot of times recently. Again, not that my works are oh-so-good but because I am in awe of how the Lord has enabled my hands. I look at them and I often see them as empty. The Lord sees them differently though, and I believe He wants me to see them the same way. He wants me to see them as hands filled with His enabling—hands that are able to do as much things as the Lord wants it to. AMAZING! What a privilege it is to be equipped by the King!

How about you? When you look at your hands, what do you see?


4 thoughts on “Thank God for Talents

  1. Your artwork is really good, I love the colors and look forward to seeing more you post! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Lovely work indeed! Looks like you’ve discovered a real hidden talent! I’m doing the same thing with calligraphy, and share that same “Aha!” feeling occasionally when I look down at my page.

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