Jevie & Cleiza (again)


This is waaaaay overdue, so I’m going to do it now before I delay it further. Haha.

Five months ago, my ate (older sister) married the love of her life, her high school sweetheart. They’ve been together for 11 long years already; so what better destination for them than marriage, right?

I couldn’t be any happier for her! The Lord truly does not withhold anything good. The Lord gave her the man that’s best for her–the most suitable partner for her. He got her dream guy and as a great bonus, the Lord allowed her to have her dream wedding.

The celebration was beautiful. It reflected who they are as a couple: fun, youthful, and generous.  The guests were treated to a feast and we, the entourage, were treated to a no-fuss (no-cashout. haha.) participation. Apart from provision, I’ve really seen the Lord’s favor upon them through their suppliers. Not only were they spot-on with their services, they were also very generous and took the extra mile that day. The musicians voluntarily extended their performance time, the photography team unexpectedly brought with them a photography big gun (My sister had really wonderful portrait shots! Thanks to this guy!), the caterer/stylist brought an awesome photobooth backdrop, the photobooth guys extended their time too, and the wedding coordinator endeavored to make it her best gig yet . If those weren’t favor from the Lord, I don’t know what else to call them.

The Lord also moved me to help my sister as much as I can, and so I got my hands working on most of the wedding stationery and some last-minute storytelling cookies. Caleb and I also produced a short telling-the-love-story video. I also had to make sure that my excitable sister stuck to her theme all throughout. Suffice it to say, it was my biggest, most time-demanding wedding project yet. And although it was tiresome, it was extremely satisfying. There’s nothing like helping your sister get her dream wedding.

This project’s pay off is unmatched! It was also the first ever wedding that I got to really help brand! I’m so happy that everything that day looked cohesive. Oh what joy! I can’t help but end my sentence with an exclamation point!

Okay…so I’ll skip the talking and start the photo sharing.

Here’s the wedding Invitation Suite–minimal and personal just the way my sister likes it.


And here are their storytelling cookies–twenty four cookies that told of the most significant things and moments in the 11 years that they were together.


How quickly has time gone by! I can’t believe these photos are five months old already. My sister’s wedding definitely is the highlight of my 2016 and perhaps, the highlight of my design career.


Photos: Nicolai Wedding Photography

Cookies: Lovelots Cakes




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