Jevie & Cleiza (again)


This is waaaaay overdue, so I’m going to do it now before I delay it further. Haha.

Five months ago, my ate (older sister) married the love of her life, her high school sweetheart. They’ve been together for 11 long years already; so what better destination for them than marriage, right?

I couldn’t be any happier for her! The Lord truly does not withhold anything good. The Lord gave her the man that’s best for her–the most suitable partner for her. He got her dream guy and as a great bonus, the Lord allowed her to have her dream wedding.

The celebration was beautiful. It reflected who they are as a couple: fun, youthful, and generous.  The guests were treated to a feast and we, the entourage, were treated to a no-fuss (no-cashout. haha.) participation. Apart from provision, I’ve really seen the Lord’s favor upon them through their suppliers. Not only were they spot-on with their services, they were also very generous and took the extra mile that day. The musicians voluntarily extended their performance time, the photography team unexpectedly brought with them a photography big gun (My sister had really wonderful portrait shots! Thanks to this guy!), the caterer/stylist brought an awesome photobooth backdrop, the photobooth guys extended their time too, and the wedding coordinator endeavored to make it her best gig yet . If those weren’t favor from the Lord, I don’t know what else to call them.

The Lord also moved me to help my sister as much as I can, and so I got my hands working on most of the wedding stationery and some last-minute storytelling cookies. Caleb and I also produced a short telling-the-love-story video. I also had to make sure that my excitable sister stuck to her theme all throughout. Suffice it to say, it was my biggest, most time-demanding wedding project yet. And although it was tiresome, it was extremely satisfying. There’s nothing like helping your sister get her dream wedding.

This project’s pay off is unmatched! It was also the first ever wedding that I got to really help brand! I’m so happy that everything that day looked cohesive. Oh what joy! I can’t help but end my sentence with an exclamation point!

Okay…so I’ll skip the talking and start the photo sharing.

Here’s the wedding Invitation Suite–minimal and personal just the way my sister likes it.


And here are their storytelling cookies–twenty four cookies that told of the most significant things and moments in the 11 years that they were together.


How quickly has time gone by! I can’t believe these photos are five months old already. My sister’s wedding definitely is the highlight of my 2016 and perhaps, the highlight of my design career.


Photos: Nicolai Wedding Photography

Cookies: Lovelots Cakes




Jevie & Cleiza

It’s now Monday noon and I’m still so hungover from my sister’s wedding last Saturday. I just cannot contain my happiness–my sister got her dream wedding and more! God truly blesses and truly does not withhold any good thing.

I have so much to rave about but I’m going to save it for another post when I already have photos to show! For now, I leave you with the Save-the-Date that I made for them–simple and personal just the way my sister likes it. 🙂




Preppy Watercolor

I’m not married nor am I in the process of planning my wedding. I’m not even engaged. Well, not yet. Haha. Anyway, despite the absence of a ring on my finger, I already have a Pinterest board named “The Day Someday” that has 135 pins to date.

With the many pretty things that I see on Pinterest, I cannot help but wish to do or incorporate them all in my future wedding. You might consider that a good thing because of the number of ideas but no, not really. Having too many pegs can be pretty troublesome when you don’t know which to pick anymore. Actually, you scrap picking altogether and just want them all to happen.

This is why I am no longer surprised when couples send me pegs or give me design instructions that are ‘a bit of everything’. I always find it a good challenge to give them that ‘bit of everything’ without sacrificing aesthetics and of course, keeping close to their wedding theme.

So when a couple asked for me to design a preppy, chevron, playful, and watercolor-ed invitation for their black-tie wedding, I fist-pumped and mouthed, “Challenge accepted!”


This is what we ended up with after a few suggestions and revisions. Yay! (Photo by Chestknots Studios, Print Production by Amis Print)

I tried to incorporate all the above-mentioned requests by first, using the couple’s choice of colors, stripes, and chevrons strongly. These three elements were enough to set the preppy and playful look.

Secondly, I made their watercolor request happen by overlaying a watercolor wash on the stripes and chevrons.

And lastly, I hinted at the the wedding being a black-tie event through the dry-sealed monogram on the ivory white envelope, and the golden, thermographed names. Detailed photos here, so you get to see it the invitation in its entirety. Haha.

S0000 there! It was a good challenge, especially for a minimalist like me, BUT anything for my client’s satisfaction! Because really, isn’t that the goal? It’s their wedding, so it should be about them and what pleases them. So if they give you 135 pegs, you either have to power through them and come up with something OR help them narrow down their choices by helping them focus on their core theme. Yes, the latter is also a great option!

I’m very grateful that this particular couple was a delight to work with and  I’d like to believe too that they felt the same towards me because they referred me to another client (whose wedding invitation I am working on right now). Yey! Thank God for talents and for opportunities that give birth to new ones!


Boldly Gold

Here’s a repost from our CALORIE blog to share with you my second design project:



I am quite hesitant to make an entry about this particular editorial because I’ve shared (about) it several times on my Instagram and Facebook accounts already; BUT yesterday, the editorial got featured in Bride and Breakfast and so now, I have a new reason to share.

A few months back, Blue Trumpet Events asked me if I would like to design the invitation suite/stationery for an editorial that they are doing. My blink response was ‘yes’—a nervous yes. When I saw their pegs, the elf workers in my head instantly moved.

Geometric shapes, black, and gold. People close to me know my love for geometric patterns, so the concept rung with a certain familiarity. I remembered the diamond paper ornaments that I pinned to my “The Day Someday” board and used it as inspiration for the main elements of the invitation suite. The foil texture, on the other hand, was inspired by Blue Trumpet’s…

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Hello again!


It’s been ages since my last post and I figured I should get back to blogging here. I don’t think I mentioned but I also started a blog with Caleb. Anyway, 2015 was crazy—in a good way— and I cannot help but hope for 2016 to get crazier the same way.

It was July of last year when I officially embraced the role of a designer. The pursuit of creative work is something that took a long, long time for me to start. The road to it was confusing and was often times frightening. It was a battle and up to now, I still gets fits of doubt every so often. But more than anything, I am thankful that the Lord took me here. It’s pretty amazing how He led me to this, actually.

For the longest time, my works sat on my hard drive and on pages of notebooks that I’m pretty sure I stored somewhere. The blessing came in the form of a wedding coordinator who was my sister’s student-turned-friend; she gave me my first design job. Thinking of it, my sister is the bigger blessing because she touted my skills.

So my first paid stint was to design a wedding invitation. For a first, I was understandably anxious. But I love paper and I love stationery, so it also got me really excited. The wedding theme though was a rather odd mix, beach & black-tie; so yeah, it was challenging to make it work. I started by making watercolor washes for the background and some calligraphy for the names and headings. I’m pretty happy with how my initial design turned out but it got rejected. FIRST DESIGN REJECTION EVER! I usually don’t handle rejection well, but I surprised myself this time. I just shrugged it off and revised as instructed. After a lot of exchanges, changing of layouts and minds, the final output was this:

Print Production and Photo by PRINT CAFE

It isn’t much but you know what they say about firsts, and this started it all. I cannot say that an avalanche of design work came after; but for somebody who still has a day job, I got a manageable number to work on.

It’s true that you have to give it a go before you’re ready. When my sister’s friend gave me this project, I listed and recited in my head a number of reasons (read: excuses) not to take it. If I continued with my resisting and arguing my unpreparedness, I probably would not get my work out there EVER. Again, it was scary. It was uncomfortable. It did not give me enough sleep. I still get little sleep up to now, but it’s totally worth it. In my more than six years of jumping to and fro jobs and companies, I never found myself truly delighted in what I am doing—never looked at a computer screen with real sparkles in my eyes (not glare!) until I did design.

Today, I continue to do mostly wedding invitations. As I try to keep this blog alive again, I will try to share each of the works that I come up with. Hopefully, you guys get to enjoy them!

So there. HELLO AGAIN.